6 Amazing Hotel Carpet Designs to Inspire You

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There’s nothing like a distinctive hotel identity to leave a lasting impression on a guest. That’s why a great hotel carpet design is so important. But as every hotel project is different, what are the choices for creating just the right effect? We take a look at some amazing carpet designs used in the hotel industry to give you an idea of what you can achieve to create that enduring look.

Botanical hotel carpet designs

Let’s start in the Nordics with the Sweet Hotel in Oslo, Norway. This hotel dates back to 1916 and is a heritage listed property. So, when it was renovated in 2018, it was important its carpet design was in keeping with its history. A botanic carpet design in variations of blue, green, rose and yellow floral patterns was chosen to soften the entire look of the hotel, while expressing the vintage ambience of its historic architecture and geographic location. 

pom_highline_colouration_007See another great example of how botanical designs have been woven into a hotel carpet here.

Urban nature

Staying in the Nordics, the Downtown Camper hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, appeals to a mix of business and leisure guests looking to explore Stockholm, as well as local people looking to gather in a relaxed surrounding. It was important therefore that the hotel’s carpet design reflect an urban nature theme. This has been achieved with classical oranges, beige and dark grey tones in the boardroom, and tidal greens and smokey blues in the meeting rooms. To top it off, a forest path lines the hotel’s corridor. 

POM_Downtown-Camper-by-Scandic02Mixing it up: History meets the seasons

Moving to the Baltics, we can see how carpet designs for hotels need not be confined to just one theme. The historic Hotel Pacai, formerly a palace in Vilnius, Lithuania, employs a mixture of two carpet designs to great visual effect. The first design consists of well known patterns of white and black marble to reflect the relationship between the historical and the modern in the building. The second design reflects the Baltic region’s seasons, creating harmonic and artistic atmospheres. These beautiful designs are original art works created by Lithuanian painters and transferred to soft carpets.


Bold, bright and colourful

Moving to something altogether different, the eye-catching carpet design of the Quality Hotel Toulouse Sud in the French city of Toulouse, receives many comments from its awed guests. It’s no wonder given how bold, bright and colourful it is. Neon orange, purple, pink and blue lines are used for directing guests around its circular hallways, to its meeting rooms, reception and lounge area at the base of the central void. The lines continue into each guest room, providing lively accents to an otherwise neutral carpet design.

TOP Spectacular Design at the six Storeys Quality Hotel Toulouse Sud, Toulouse copy-1

Charming frivolity

Staying in France, the carpet designs of 4-star, Parisian Hôtel de JoBo have been entirely designed to evoke its namesake, Joséphine Bonaparte, wife of Napoleon. This entails a custom-designed eruption of roses employing every possible tone of pink for the corridors and leopard-patterned carpets sprinkled with roses for the bar, lounges and reception. The design’s all about Joséphine the lover – intimate and charmingly frivolous – and her secret garden just outside of Paris of roses from all over the world.

TOP Explore the Intimate and Flamboyant Parisian Hôtel de JoBo copy-1

Elegant townhouse

Last but certainly not least, we can take inspiration from the carpet designs of the Valverde Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal. The hotel was refurbished to resemble an elegant townhouse with the feel of a homely oasis of comfort and discreet luxury. So, the carpet design chosen to reflect this ambience aptly uses graphic monochromic patterns of grey, beige and black tones, inspired by the Art Deco and Le Corbusier movements.


Design versatility in the hospitality industry is crucial as every hotel wants to create a unique impression that will impact on the customer experience. Luckily, as we’ve seen, there’s an array of carpet designs that can match any hotel project, be it large-scale patterns for substantial spaces and high design ambitions, custom designs for individualised smaller spaces or carpets that really express the personality or history of the hotel.

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Written by Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen: Mette is Ege Carpets' fashion savvy communications expert. Her keen eye for the sweet spot between beautiful carpets and great stories makes her our favourite pick for inspiring you with Project of the Month.

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