Carpets in interior design: 4 surprising examples

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How can you use carpets for interior design?

In the lavish interiors of Bronnums Hus Office Club in Copenhagen, Denmark, the custom design carpet is not just something that decorates the floors. One room features a vibrant Tom Dixon designed carpet on both the floor and as upholstery on a wing chair. In other rooms, a wallpaper is complimented by a matching carpet for a coherent interior and design story. Projects still in the development phase have even seen the use of carpet as a wall feature move from complimenting wallpaper to a tapestry style, literally hanging sections of carpets on the walls as featured works of art.

Using carpets for interior design has always been a great tool for architects and designers. Some designers, though, are exploring new ways of using carpets as an interior design tool – and some of them might surprise you. Read on below, as we explore 5 surprising examples of carpet interior design.  

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#1: Use carpet tiles to mark distinct areas

Carpet tiles have been used to great effect in the offices of Oceaneering in Norway, Chantier Altage in Switzerland as well as Alm. Brand in Denmark to define areas with different purposes and to create intimacy within large spaces.

See how the carpet tiles assist the interior design and feel of the room in the examples below. 


#2: Turn the carpet into a direct extension of the brand and product

A great way to use carpet customisation is by making a design which references the client's brand or products. By doing so, the carpet becomes a facilitator for interior design. A unique and very creative example of this is in the offices of French paint manufacturer Akzo Nobel. Here, the designers have used custom carpet in vibrant stripes, reflecting painted brushstrokes to dazzling effect. Another great idea is to have dollar notes on the carpet in a hotel with a stock broker theme like Berlin Hotel Wall Street.

See how the carpet interior design below becomes a direct extension of the brand.  


#3: Turn an event into an extravanganza

Here's another great example of using carpets for interior design. For the ELLE Style Awards in Copenhagen, the event designers replaced the traditional red carpet with a custom carpet designed by Helene Blanche and created from her hand drawings of Danish meadow flowers.  

A custom carpet designed by Helene Blanche

#4: Commission artworks from carpet

Many multimedia artists are exploring the possibilities of custom design carpet for their artistic expression, including Danish artist John Korner whose work 'Tsunami' features a “wave” of blue custom carpet. He has also since incorporated carpets in his 'Blue Bedroom' Project.

As you can see, the interior design possibilities of custom design carpets and carpet tiles are as exciting as they are endless. Now you're feeling inspired and brimming with ideas, we turn to more practical issues you need to know about when specifying carpet in this blogpost.

'Blue Bedroom' Project by Danish artist John Korner

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Written by Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen: Mette is Ege Carpets' fashion savvy communications expert. Her keen eye for the sweet spot between beautiful carpets and great stories makes her our favourite pick for inspiring you with Project of the Month.

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