Assisting Your Client With Carpet Design Choices

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This is the fifth chapter of the E-Book: How to Run a Profitable Carpet Project
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As well as having expert help at hand to back you up, you deal with carpet a lot more than your clients, right? So you almost certainly know more about carpet, and the choices available in the market, than your clients do. So even though you might think that you know next to nothing about colours, patterns and trends, you can help them choose, not only the right type of carpet for their needs, but the design as well.

Download How To Run A Profitable Carpet Project

Some clients are easy. They want plain grey wall to wall carpet and that’s that. Dull and boring, perhaps, but no problem. Others will ask you: “What do you think?” Be prepared for this by having plenty of samples at hand and also asking your carpet supplier for a range of project photos for you to put together a ‘lookbook’ of design possibilities. Or perhaps they even have such a lookbook ready for you. For starters, you can download the “10 Amazing Carpet Cases We Love” which features a bit of everything.

Have samples and a lookbook at the ready

Helping your clients with their carpet design is your opportunity to bring out your samples and the lookbook and possibly do some upselling if they fall for a particular design or specification that may be more costly than they had anticipated in their original budget.

Showing samples, preferably on site, allows your client to visualise the finished carpet and refine their ideas and preferences. Get them excited about the vibrant design possibilities by showing a range of different textures in their preferred colourway, or showing how different shaped carpet tiles work together to produce lively geometric patterns.

"Showing samples, preferably on site, allows your client to visualise the finished carpet and refine their ideas and preferences."

Point out to your client also that your carpet supplier can provide any custom design or colour their heart could possibly desire and can work on a unique design for them in-house. This may inspire the client to order carpet in custom colours to match their corporate logo or choose to have a unique design based on the company’s product offering.

Cover the practicalities

Alert your client to the practical issues of carpet colour and design as they relate to the site and their particular needs. For example, in areas with heavy foot traffic, mid-tone colours and patterns such as heathering are best for concealing the build-up of soil between cleanings. In areas that could be subject to fading due to direct sunlight, lighter shades could be preferable.

If the client has questions you simply can’t answer – simply call your carpet supplier, ask to speak with an in-house designer and voila, you have the answer.

A happy client leads to more and larger projects

Assisting your client with their design choices can potentially lead to upselling and a healthy profit margin. However, most importantly, a happy client who loves the results means a great testimonial for your website and potential word of mouth recommendations that could lead to more and larger projects, not to mention possible repeat business from the same client.

So you see, you may not be a designer but you can competently assist your clients with their carpet design choices. They’ll appreciate your extra effort and advice.

Next up, we’ll be talking about the benefits of carpet tiles and how to convince your client to use them in their project.

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