Convincing Your Client to Use Carpet Tiles

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This is the sixth chapter of the E-Book: How to Run a Profitable Carpet Project
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You may have a strong preference for carpet tile jobs over wall to wall carpet jobs. For one thing, moving boxes of carpet tiles is a whole lot easier than hauling huge, heavy rolls of carpet onto a site and into position. Carpet tiles offer a whole lot of advantages for your clients as well, but how do you go about convincing them of that?

For starters, your client may still think of carpet tiles as those cheap and nasty squares of thin carpet available in the past. Pull out your samples and ‘lookbook’ and show them this is no longer the case. With high quality carpet tiles now available in a swathe of different shapes, colours and designs just showing the endless possibilities and letting them actually touch and feel the quality of the tiles could sway their thinking in no time.

Download How To Run A Profitable Carpet Project

Reducing time and costs

Of course, the real clincher comes when the client wants a stunning flooring result, but is on a tight budget, tight deadline or both. If the fit-out is a renovation of an existing space, downtime can be a real issue.

Point out to your client that carpet tiles are faster to lay than wall to wall carpet and don’t always need to settle in place for 24 hours before they are laid, substantially reducing downtime, and that both this reduced time and little wastage serve to reduce overall costs. If need be, most carpet tiles can even be laid with furniture in place. Not an ideal situation, perhaps, but it can be done if time and lack of disruption is a deal breaker for the client.

"Just showing the endless possibilities and letting them actually touch and feel the quality of the tiles could sway their thinking in no time."

Practical advantages

Naturally, practical advantages can also sway a client’s flooring decision so be sure to point out that tiles allow easy access to underfloor cabling if this is likely to be an issue.

Another significant advantage is that individual tiles are easily replaceable in case of spot stains or excess wear – your client simply needs to order an extra box of the same dye lot to ensure replacements are seamless and match perfectly.

By this stage of the discussion, you should have the client right on side and can move the conversation back to the overall design: Square, hexagon or plank shapes? Light, mid-tone or dark colours? Plain, textured or heathered in design?

Decisions made, measurements taken and a final handshake given and you can be on your way to discuss backing choices and any other final details with your carpet supplier before placing the order.

Next step, delivery and a headache-free project.

Now just hang on a minute, however. While carpet tiles are great for you, the installer, wall to wall carpet projects can be even better for your profit margin. We will discuss the whys and hows in our next blogpost

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