Printed carpets vs pre-dyed carpets

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The process of dyeing fibre for carpets can be carried out in a number of ways. While there’s no correct method, there are some definite advantages and disadvantages to each method. To land on the right method for you, there are some things you should be considering.

When you think of carpet, it may be the bright, vibrant colours that pop into your head. The many colours, designs and patterns are certainly some of the main reasons that carpet is such a popular flooring choice. It may not have crossed your mind, though, to consider the difference between the dyeing methods that were used to create those carpet designs, but there are many reasons to do so.

Thanks to modern technology, the processes available to us for dyeing carpet have broadened over time, allowing for greater design versatility. Generally, though, when we specify between dyeing methods, we’re referring to printed carpets vs pre-dyed carpets.

There is no one correct method, the selection you make will depend entirely on the nature of project. What’s the budget? What level of design freedom do you require? What lead time do you require on your carpet? The answer to these questions will likely determine the method that’s right for you.

Our Global Account Manager Kim Monrad answers our most frequently asked questions about carpets. In this video, Kim explains the difference between printed carpets and pre dyed carpets.



What is a printed carpet?

It’s important to note, when we say printed carpet, we’re not referring to a dyeing method in itself, but actually more a category of methods. An injection-dyed carpet is a type of printed carpet. The difference between injection-dyed carpets and other types of printed carpet is the degree of fibre saturation.

For example, digital printing and screen printing - two other methods for printing on carpet - don’t involve the full saturation of the yarn. Instead, they involve the printing of the design over the top layer of the yarn.

For the purposes of helping you land on the best printing method for your carpet project, the most relevant methods to compare would be pre-dyed vs injection-dyed carpets.

What are the advantages of pre-dyed carpet?

One of the main advantages of choosing a pre-dyed carpet is the richness and clear definition of the colours. Another main advantage is that they cost less than injection-dyed carpets.

What are the disadvantages of a pre-dyed carpet?

If you decide on a carpet made with pre-dyed yarns, you’re more limited in terms of design possibilities. Intricate designs will likely appear more pixelated, and you won’t be able to accomplish fading in the same way that you would be able to with other printing methods. The lead time on carpets made with pre-dyed yarn also tends to be longer, as pre-dyed yarn is usually provided by outside suppliers.

When should you choose carpets with pre-dyed yarn?

Carpets made on pre-dyed yarns are great for projects where intricate or complicated designs are not required, but where vibrant colour is desired. For example, you might want to go with pre-dyed yarn if your carpet has been specified in a solid colour or when mild patterning is required. Further, if budget is a major consideration for your project, you may want to consider pre-dyed yarns.

What are the advantages of injection-dyed carpet?

With injection-dyed carpet, your design possibilities are endless. You can seamlessly create intricate patterns, designs and fading. You can also expect a shorter lead time when you go with a carpet made on injection-dyed yarns.

What are the disadvantages of injection-dyed carpet?

Injection-dyed carpet can’t offer the same definition or richness in colour as pre-dyed carpet can. Furthermore, injection-dyed carpets tend to cost more.

When should you choose carpets with injection-dyed yarn?

When intricate designs or patterns are required, it’s definitely a good idea to go with injection-dyed yarn. Furthermore, if a short lead time is an important parameter for your project, you’ll also want to consider using injection-dyed yarn for your final carpet.

Printed carpets vs. Pre-dyed carpets: A recap

  • Pre-dyed carpet provides richness and definition of colour and is good for solid-colour designs or light patterning.
  • Carpets made on pre-dyed yarns tend to cost less, but they increase the lead time you can expect.
  • Injection-dyed carpets, or printed carpets, offer the greatest design versatility and is great for projects where intricate designs or patterns are required.
  • Printed carpets made on injection-dyed yarns cost more, but will decrease the lead time you can expect.

Ensuring quality when choosing between pre-dyed and printed carpets

No one dyeing method is better than the other, and within each method you can find varying degrees of quality. The best approach is to land on your preferred carpet printing method, based on the parameters of the project.

Once you’ve done that, look for a high-quality manufacturer and relevant certifications - such as EN1307 - to ensure the quality of your selection, a long guarantee and that you have all the services you need, so you can remain satisfied with your purchase.

Get in touch with one of our experts here who can assist you with any questions you may have about your carpet project. 

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