How do you ensure the quality of your commercial carpet?

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Ensuring the quality of your commercial carpet can be a difficult task. There are many tests and certifications that exist to rate the quality of carpets, but we recommend that you choose carpets tested to EN1307.

Finding a quality carpet shouldn’t be a confusing task, yet it can be. There are a number of different tests and certifications being used today to attest for the quality of commercial carpets. The problem is, the majority of these tests and certifications lack transparency in their methods. They’re based on different calculations that actually say very little about the quality and performance of the carpet, and worse yet, are far too easy to manipulate.

Our Global Account Manager Kim Monrad answers our most frequently asked questions about carpets. In this video, Kim explains what certifications will grant you the highest quality of carpets.



We recommend selecting carpets tested to EN 1307.

What is EN 1307?

EN 1307 is a European standard for the test and classification of textile flooring, which rates a carpet's long-term appearance and performance, based on physical tests.

The testing looks to identification features - such as total mass, pile mass, pile density, total thickness, pile thickness, tuft number and backing thickness - as well as performance characteristics - such as long-term appearance retention, colour fastness, castor chair suitability, suitability for use on stairs, electrical properties, thermal resistance and fraying behaviour.

Carpet tiles are subject to further requirements, including total carpet weight, dimension, variation of size, squareness and straightness of edges, curling, damage at cut edge and dimensional stability.

Based on the test results, carpets are grouped into commercial or domestic classifications as well as according to their usage suitability. The commercial classifications include:

  • Class 31: Moderate usage. For light traffic areas
  • Class 32: Normal usage. Suited for most commercial projects in areas with high - but not extreme levels of foot traffic
  • Class 33: Heavy usage. Suited for heavy foot traffic and expected soiling

Why is EN 1307 superior to other carpet certifications and tests?

EN 1307 is a 100% physical test. This means that in order to be in accordance with the standard, a carpet must physically perform and keep its appearance, over time, and in different conditions. Other certification schemes tend to base their ratings on calculations, while this may lead to accurate results as well, but don’t speak to the true performance of the carpet in practice. Furthermore, they leave too much room for manipulated results.

When you select a carpet in one of the three EN 1307 categories, you know how well it will live up to the conditions you need it to. This is both in terms of how the carpet will continue to perform, over time, as well as how it will look over time.

For a more in-depth look at the various quality assurance frameworks that exist, have a look at our article, “Understanding Properties, Certificates and Classifications.” Does your carpet need to meet specific compliance criteria? If you want more information about your carpet’s compliance with local law, or you would simply like more information about your carpet, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to assist you, or direct you to the appropriate person to contact.

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