How to Get Paint Out of Your Carpet

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By explaining the methods and materials to be used, this guide gives you hands-on recommendations on how get paint out of carpets. When it comes to paint stains on carpets, you must distinguish between water-based paint and solvent-based paint, as the removal treatments are quite different as described now.

How to remove water-based paint stains from carpets

If your paint stain on the carpet is water-based, follow the 3 steps below. And remember: the faster you take action in regards to removing the paint from the carpet, the greater the chances of removing the stain successfully.

1. Remove fresh paint

If the paint stain is still moist, wipe up excess paint on the carpet with a dry, white cloth or non-dyed absorbent paper. In case of a big paint stain, work from the edge of the stain towards the centre. Do not rub the paint stain on the carpet as this might increase the damaged area. Instead, the stain should be blotted off.

2. Dissolve in lukewarm water

The next step is to apply lukewarm water without soap, washing powder, liquid detergent or any similar agents. Dab the paint stained area gently with a damp white cloth and absorb as much of the liquid as possible by blotting with a dry, white cloth. Then drizzle potato starch on the stain and leave to dry for 24 hours before vacuuming.

3. Use a carpet stain remover

If the water-based paint stain on the carpet cannot be dissolved in water, your next step is to try a universal stain-removing agent. Follow the instructions for use on the product's packaging. Never use chlorinated agents or bleaching agents, as these might discolour your carpet.

How to remove solvent-based paint stains

As solvent-based paints are made in a variety of different ways and from just as many different raw materials, you need to remove your paint from the carpet using the agent and method recommended on the packaging. If you have already thrown out the paint packaging, look at the paint manufacturer’s website for advice. As an alternative, your paint retailer can be helpful.

General advice for both types of paint stains

If the treatment leaves a mark, your carpet may be generally soiled and needs to be cleaned. The first time a new cleaning agent or stain remover is used on the carpet, remember to check whether the agent damages the carpet due to colour bleed, discolouration, bleaching or dissolution.

To avoid this, test both cleaning agent and stain remover on an area the size of a postage stamp in a corner, under a radiator or in a similar area.

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