How To Get Nail Polish Out Of Carpets

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Do not worry! It's relatively easy to get nail polish out of carpets by using this simple technique and an agent available in many cleaning cabinets. If not stored in your household or company already, the agent is easily accessible - and inexpensive too.

Did you accidentally spill nail polish on your carpet and are you wondering how to get the nail polish out of the carpet? You have come to the right place.

In two easy steps described below, we will you all the information needed on how to remove dried and fresh nail polish from carpets. So let us get started!

How to remove fresh nail polish from carpets

1. Act as fast as possible

If the nail polish on the carpet is still moist, try to minimise the damage of your stain immediately. Gently wipe up moist nail polish with a dry, white cloth or non-dyed absorbent paper. Be careful not to rub as this might increase the damaged area. Instead, the stain should be blotted off.

In case the nail polish has already dried up in a thick layer, you should gently tear off nail polish flakes with your fingers, if possible.

2. Use acetone to remove the nail polish from the carpet

Next, dab the nail polish stain on the carpet using a cloth dipped in acetone. Once again, be careful not to smear out the colour. Repeat this process until the stain is gone.

Be aware: Acetone is highly inflammable. Do not inhale the fumes.

Does your carpet have other stains?

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If properly cleaned and maintained your carpet will last and look beautiful for many years. Read the Service & Maintenance Guide to learn more about how to make this happen.

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