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How To Get Foundation Stains Out Of Your Carpet

If a foundation misfortune has happened to your carpet, feel reassured that you have reached the right place for help! This how to-guide will explain two efficient methods to remove stains from foundation.


So let us get started!

First aid

As the very first thing, follow the three steps described below. Always work from the edge of the stain towards the center using a dry, white cloth or non-dyed absorbent paper.

Step 1: Remove foundation leftovers

If the stain is new, first wipe up foundation with a cloth or absorbent paper. Avoid rubbing as this might increase the stain that should be blotted off instead.

Step 2: Dissolve in lukewarm water

Now apply lukewarm water (without agents such as soap, washing powder or liquid detergent). Dab the area gently with a damp cloth to absorb the liquid by blotting with a cloth. After that, drizzle potato starch on the stain and leave to dry for 24 hours. Now vacuum.

Step 3: Use a carpet stain remover

If the foundation cannot be dissolved in water using the method described above, use a universal stain-removing agent. Carefully follow the instructions for use on the product's packaging.

We recommend professional cleaning agents and strongly advise against chlorinated agents or bleaching agents that might discolour your carpet.

Always test a new cleaning agent or stain remover on a small area in a corner, under a radiator etc. This to avoid any damage from colour bleed, discolouration, bleaching or dissolution.

Your next step if first aid is not sufficient

If first aid steps 1 to 3 do not remove the foundation stain, follow this advice: Dab with a cloth dipped in a solvent containing n-heptane and keep dapping until the foundation comes loose of the carpet fiber.

NB: n-heptane is highly inflammable. Do not inhale the fumes.

More action needed?

If the treatment leaves a mark, the carpet might be generally soiled and needs an all-over cleaning. In case the foundation stain re-appears after treatment, some stain-removing agent or stain residue might still be left in the carpet fibers. If so, the area should be treated again following the first aid step 3.

Read the Service & Maintenance Guide

With proper maintenance and cleaning, your carpet will retain its appearance and good qualities for many years to come. For more information read the Service & Maintenance Guide to get professional carpet care instructions about vacuum cleaning, anti-soiling impregnation etc.

If your carpet suffers from other types of stains, follow these links to stain removal guides for fresh blood and dried blood, nail polish and paint.

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