SHE: Durable luxury in 100% wool

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SHE is our first WOOL100 designer collection and a natural embrace of renewable materials, luxurious comfort and uncompromising quality. Crafted from 100% pure new wool yarn, which is spun with extra-long fibres perfectly matching the durability of mixed wool/nylon qualities, the carpet collection holds a heavy commercial wear rating.

SHE – a tribute to her

SHE celebrates female artists in their time not obtaining the recognition they deserved within the textile weaving, sculpture or painting handicrafts. Like Agnes Martin, Aino Aalto, Anni Albers, Ray Eames, Sonia Delaunay or Sonja Ferlov Mancoba – and others developing decisive works not to be disregarded. SHE honours women who helped clear the way for future female artists, who, then and now, live and breathe design. The collection is a tribute to these women – a tribute to her.

SHE is designed by our long-term designer friends, Laura Bilde and Linnea Blæhr.


Six patterns made by hand

Following a particular fascination of the preferred techniques of the 1930s’ and 1940s’ artists, all six SHE patterns are made by hand to embrace the unique expression of a line that’s either drawn, cut or put together by physical materials. The designs originate from interpretations of distinctive patterns created by different weaving techniques, experimental expressionistic shapes or, in contrast, simple and graphic paintings. Bringing these imperfect details into carpet design while keeping a simplistic yet organic look adds a sense of naturalness and artistic freedom to each carpet.

The tactile SHE carpet structures feature a textural interplay between pattern and background as the twisted yarn in the pattern layer adds a soft contrasting effect even in unicoloured designs.

Delicate yarn twisting techniques

The subdued SHE details are brought to life on the plush carpet surface by using yarn twisting techniques that stand out and create distinctive textural effects and a hint of crafted randomness in even unicoloured designs. This way, we make the most of our state-of-the-art technological capabilities and the unique properties of our exquisite wool to let the past reflect in each of the six patterns.

Imperfectly perfect 

While SHE is a tribute to her, Laura Bilde and Linnea Blæhr also want the collection to bring the imperfect into interior design – and life in general. This to encourage acceptance of the non-perfect life which is crucial to our sense of meaningfulness. Embracing the designs’ unique, handmade lines that merge into six aesthetic entireties, SHE therefore aims at reflecting imperfectness in an aesthetic frame that stimulates all senses.

Designed by hand using vintage techniques, the imperfectly perfect touch of the past enshrouds all six SHE patterns.

Eight architectural colour options

The colour scheme mixes the shades most predominant during the 1930s’ functionalism – and equally relevant in contemporary interior design. Therefore, the dynamics between cold vs. warm and feminine vs. masculine are balanced into exceptional two-coloured combinations that underline the zeitgeist of the collection’s primary design inspiration.

Featuring extreme colour saturation, our pre-dyed 100% wool carpet excels in adding depth and contrast to your premium floor design.

The combos & the monos

The six SHE colours are curated to create various moods through perfect yet surprising harmonies. While the combos represent predominant colour blends during the 1930s’ functionalism, the monos indicate how the same colour will appear slightly different in designs with higher twisted yarn details.

Below example featuring LB4 in a light blue and burgundy combo as well as a dark blue mono colour version beautifully shows how SHE enables completely different looks to materialise on the carpet surface depending on your colour choice.

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Light blue and burgundy – a harmonious yet slightly surprising combo of architectural colours.
Dark blue – a colour saturated mono design in which the twisted yarn creates the surprising element.

Designed by Laura Bilde & Linnea Blæhr

The design duo behind SHE, Laura Bilde and Linnea Blæhr, work in the tension field between functionality and sculptural expression. With their interior design background and conceptual approach, they create designs that experiment with materials and shapes while combining tactility, sensuousness and enticement. Their design philosophy is to create iconic, simple and timeless items. Laura Bilde and Linnea Blæhr are also the creative talents behind our multiple award winning ReForm A New Wave collection.

We stand on the shoulders of the women who cleared the way for us to work with design professionally. We want to pay a tribute to them, their work and the values, they fought so hard for.

– Laura Bilde & Linnea Blæhr
Laura Bilde & Linnea Blæhr
Our long-term designer friends and the creative talents behind SHE.
Six designs made by hand
In the process of developing single designs that create an entirety.

The WOOL100 concept

WOOL100 collections are crafted from the finest 100% pure new wool. Any carpet from the concept is an extraordinary experience developed to pamper all senses while making a lasting impression. The exquisite look and feel derive from our entirely natural yarn, which is spun in our own spinning mill from the finest selection of extra-long and extra-durable wool fibres. Therefore, WOOL100 perfectly matches the durability of mixed wool/nylon qualities and any carpet from the collection is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

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WOOL100 collections are crafted from 100% pure new wool yarn, which is spun from extra-long fibres perfectly matching the durability of mixed wool/nylon qualities.

Your more sustainable option

Separating wool and nylon fibres in mixed qualities after use is one of the main environmental challenges today. However, by introducing our 100% wool carpet, we’ve taken another step towards a circular system. As this carpet is crafted from a completely natural and renewable resource, it’s a more sustainable option than mixed wool/nylon qualities when taking the entire carpet’s life cycle into account.

We aim at becoming able to separate the carpet backing and turn it into completely new products, which will make pure wool carpet an even more sustainable choice.

A 100% wool carpet collection, SHE is yet another step towards a circular system.

A healthier and cost saving indoor environment

The living nature of this material is an additional advantage. Wool carpet “breathes” and in this process, it can both absorb and emit moisture. In other words, it helps regulate the humidity of any room and thereby contributes to a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment.

Wool also has a naturally hampering effect on bacteria, that are eliminated faster on this carpet type than for instance nylon carpet or any hard surfaces.

SHE comes with embedded benefits promoting a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment.

Furthermore, your comfortable wool underlay brings higher insulation effects than comparable fibre types, which results in energy and cost savings. And it even impacts the room temperature to be perceived higher than it is, thereby adding further comfort to the luxurious experience.

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Recap of all your benefits

With the SHE designer collection, you get all this:

  • Six unique designs available in eight colour options
  • WOOL100 designer collection featuring 100% wool constructions in three different weights to match any wear and budget requirements
  • Pre-dyed yarn
  • Available as wall-to-wall carpet and rugs from 200 m2
  • Four meters standard width plus special narrower widths to optimise usage and minimise waste whilst creating savings in your total budget
  • Two backing options
  • EN 1307 classified to meet the highest standards
  • IMO certified
  • 48-hour sample service and eco-friendly shipping option of five-seven days (within Europe only)
  • Dispatch within eight-ten weeks from receipt of order

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Written by Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen: Mette is Ege Carpets' fashion savvy communications expert. Her keen eye for the sweet spot between beautiful carpets and great stories makes her our favourite pick for inspiring you with Project of the Month.

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