Highline wool: Luxurious and extremely durable 100% wool carpet

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Highline addition: 100% wool carpet

Highline wool is your preferred choice when looking for luxurious yet extremely durable 100% wool carpet featuring the highest level of pattern and colour detail. Made from extra-durable New Zealand fibres, all Highline wool constructions are heavy commercial wear rated.

Your ultimate design option

100% wool carpet from our bestselling Highline concept tells your story more efficiently than any other interior design piece. Obviously, this is due to the extensive surface area, which carpet usually accounts for in a room but more importantly, it stems from the fact that Highline offers endless design freedom.

All over the world, our customers beautifully express their company vision, brand style or interior design intentions through carefully selected designs from our high profiled Highline Designer collections or our popular Highline Express collections. Through our user-friendly recolour tool, these are all up for recolouration if you’re pursuing a certain colour palette or a predefined company colour code. Explore your recolour options.

pom_highline wool_10
Industrial Landscape by Tom Dixon - Brick

In addition, exploiting the endless options of custom design helps turning your dreams into designs when creative ideas are turned into completely new design expressions tailored to your individual project.

1. Highline Designer collections

Max up your storytelling through our Highline Designer collections by renowned artists or world-famous product designers, each of them adding their very own personal touch to your interior design:

pom_highline wool_11
Atelier by Monsieur Christian Lacroix - Calades

2. Highline Express collections

Our highly skilled design team has developed a myriad of premade designs after an efficient pick and produce philosophy that ensures high speed to market. You can choose any pattern from our six extensive Highline Express collections holding many predesigned and truly diverse options within the design themes:

pom_highline wool_03
Highline Express Graphic - Web Trio

3. Highline custom design

Going all in on personal style and visual ambitions, you can design your Highline wool carpet from scratch and create a never-seen-before design that’s completely tailored to your venue. A detailed presentation or just a quick sketch – a photograph, a certain type of texture or a particular pattern: any idea you may have, we’ll help to develop into the perfect carpet for your commercial project. All you need to do is describe your ideas and wishes for your commercial project and one of our creative designers will draw up a design draft based on your initial thoughts and proposals. Explore all your custom design options here.

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Endless colour and pattern options

You love colours? We do too! And no concept offers more flexibility when it comes to colours than Highline. Besides having all shades of the world to choose from, the achieved level of detail on the carpet surface will amaze you. Our innovative dyeing technology enables sharply defined and extremely detailed patterns and colour combinations as well as fluent colour transitions to arise on the wool carpet's surface – like tiny pixels that fade into each other beautifully to make harmonious flows or create small sparkles of contrast that tempts the eye to have an extra peek.

pom_highline wool_05pom_highline wool_06
Highline Express Classic - Bohemia

More Highline wool benefits

We offer a range of Highline wool constructions that vary in density and thereby plushness. No matter which one you opt for, your wool carpet surface adds a multi-sensuous dimension to your interior and the comfortable underlay even impacts the room temperature to be perceived higher than it is. In addition, the soft, thick structure brings improved acoustics when effectively capturing and holding onto noise.

pom_highline wool_07
Highline Express Cultures - Kelim Stitch

With our sample service, we can visualise your design ideas through samples in real carpet material. These allow you to feel the exquisite yarn and to evaluate the pattern details and the impressive colour effects.

Make the most of our pre-cut service where we cut your carpet to size before shipment. An ideal option for rooms and corridors in hotels that’ll reduce your installation time significantly.

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We believe in circularity

Separating wool and nylon fibres in mixed qualities after use is one of the main environmental challenges within the carpet industry. However, with 100% wool carpet, we’ve taken another step towards a circular system. As this carpet is crafted from a completely natural and renewable resource, it’s a more sustainable option than mixed wool/nylon qualities when taking the entire carpet’s life cycle into account. We aim at becoming able to separate the carpet backing and turn it into completely new products.

pom_highline wool_14
Made from extra-durable New Zealand fibres, all Highline wool constructions are heavy commercial wear rated.
pom_highline wool_01
Highline Express Nature - Rain Forest

Since the comfortable wool underlay holds higher insulation effects than comparable fibre types and even impacts the room temperature to be perceived higher than it is, it ultimately brings energy and cost savings.

Top 1% sustainability performance

Our sustainability excellence has been recognised by EcoVadis with the highest score in its class. EcoVadis is the world’s leading sustainability rating agency, and they rank the CSR performance of 100,000 companies in 160 countries. The Platinum ranking puts us in the top 1%.

pom_highline wool_08
Highline Express Nature - Marble Veins

Reach out to us - we're here to help!

Want to explore our Highline wool constructions further? Order your Highline quality folder, your own selection of 100% wool carpet samples or your favourite inspirational Highline brochures right away – it’s free of charge!

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Written by Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen: Mette is Ege Carpets' fashion savvy communications expert. Her keen eye for the sweet spot between beautiful carpets and great stories makes her our favourite pick for inspiring you with Project of the Month.

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