New sustainable collection: ReForm Shadowplay

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Our attention is caught by the light but shadows have more to say. A shadow is a moment, an image captured and then gone; a shapeshifting veil of diffused colour and texture. Combining this mysterious design story with a truly sustainable product concept featuring several practical advantages including improved acoustics and high comfort, ReForm Shadowplay offers a contemporary interior choice for any demanding project. The collection stands out through its relatively low pile weight, which allows for reduced costs and easy handling while also offering seamless joints and high durability.

Obscura 48x48 cm tiles: slate / blush / brown / beige / taupe 

Shadows reveal the invisible

Since classical times, artists have understood the value of shadows. Besides being mysterious, they feed the imagination and add drama. Shadows are complex and tell stories about objects out of view and as such, they can reveal the invisible. Each one is a perplexing mix of shades, one softly giving way to the next.

Umbra 48x48 cm tiles: silver / blue

The two Shadowplay designs

In this collection, the multi-level loop construction creates a sculptural texture influenced by the distorted shade and light. Two co-ordinating patterns, Umbra and Obscura, can be used alone or together to compose layered shadows which dance across the floor.


Umbra is an abstract arrangement of tonal texture. The highlights and shadows are refracted through a reeded tactility. Available in 15 tone-on-tone colours.

Umbra 48x48 cm tiles: stone


Obscura is inspired by the effects at the edge of the shadow. As the shadow fades, dark colours become purer and give way to the light. Available in 15 rich colour combinations.

Obscura 96x96 cm tiles: olive

The designer

Carol Appleton has developed the ReForm Shadowplay collection. An experienced textile designer, Carol is the talent behind ReForm Memory, ReForm Artworks and ReForm Mark of Time as well.

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Spatial options: Pick, play & put together

The collection is a great visual toolbox where you can achieve very different looks depending on the sizes and shapes you choose. Shadowplay comes in a wide palette of contemporary colours from subtle tone-on-tone shades to more rich tones carefully coordinated for perfect combinations. Neutrals are complimented by haloes of colour which trace abstract shape and fade quietly away. Both designs come in 15 contemporary colour options carefully chosen for their ability to combine into unique compositions.

Shadowplay allows you to experiment with different spatial options that help define areas such as meeting points and quiet or communal zones, as well as catering to social distancing requirements and wayfinding.

Obscura 48x48 cm tiles: slate / blush / brown / beige / taupe 

Sizes & shapes

The Umbra and Obscura patterns are available as carpet tiles, planks, Figura and wall-to-wall carpet, offering a multitude of design options for your floorscape. With this collection, you can create distinctive and functional spaces that offer flexibility and variability in their expression. To help you make the most of your floor, you can choose from a variety of carpet sizes that match your preferences and requirements.

Umbra & Obscura 24x96 cm planks: sage / blush / sage

Carpet tiles and planks offer a high level of flexibility, easy to install with flawless joints. The square carpet tile is available in two sizes; 48x48 cm or 96x96 cm that can be installed in the monolithic style to mimic the look of wall-to-wall carpet or as quarterturn where pattern and pile direction create a different look. The rectangular plank comes as 24x96 cm and with our Figura concept, you can specify innovative tile shapes to add an extra geometric touch to your design expression. Both patterns can be unfolded onto a continuous and unbroken surface when using wall-to-wall carpet, available at a width of 4 metres.

Umbra wall-to-wall carpet: taupe

Sustainable flooring

Indoor Air Comfort Gold and Cradle to Cradle Certified®, crafted from regenerated and regenerable yarn and fitted with our patented and recycled Ecotrust felt backing, the Shadowplay collection offers low VOC carpet, that perfectly suits your sustainable interior project.

Eco friendly carpet backing

We turn used plastic bottles into our Ecotrust felt backing. Bottles are transformed into a soft yet strong PET felt material that’s long lasting and has great acoustic performance. All our carpet tiles come with this unique, patented backing.

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Environmentally safe carpet yarn

Abandoned fishing nets and other industrial waste are used for the yarn in many of our carpet constructions. Fishing nets account for one tenth of the waste in the ocean where they can drift for months and be a threat to sea life. Once collected, the fishing nets are cleaned, broken down and reborn as strong, hardwearing yarn that’s both regenerated and regenerable.


We’re ranked top 1% in sustainability performance

Recently, our sustainability excellence has been recognised by EcoVadis with the highest score in its class. EcoVadis is the world’s leading sustainability rating agency, and they rank the CSR performance of 75,000 companies in 160 countries. The Platinum ranking puts us in the top 1% recognising Ege Carpets as one of the most advanced companies in terms of CSR practices. Follow The Green Thread to learn more about our sustainable ambitions and achievements.

Reach out – we’re here to help

Do you feel inspired and want to learn more? Then click to order your own free Shadowplay brochure, architect folder or carpet sample selection right away. No matter where you are in the interior design process, we’re beyond happy to help with any request you might have. So, reach out to your local consultant who is only a click or call away – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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Written by Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen: Mette is Ege Carpets' fashion savvy communications expert. Her keen eye for the sweet spot between beautiful carpets and great stories makes her our favourite pick for inspiring you with Project of the Month.

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