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To stay on top of future carpet design trends, we continuously acquire the newest technologies and perfect our carpet design expertise. With ReForm Construction, we enrich our popular ReForm family with a novel look to complete your interior design options. Crafted from regenerated and regenerable yarn and fitted with our patented Ecotrust backing, the collection is the perfect pick for your projects.


With their diverse compositions, looks and purposes, construction materials comprise the backdrops to many of the situations that frame our lives. All-pervading in both private and professional settings, they act as modular yet solid bricks that build up architectural structures to define our small and large-scale paths and equally important, the organisation of our daily activities within these predefined systems. Once positioned, construction materials stubbornly hold on to their locations through a sometimes overwhelming physical superiority and therefore, they have an enormous impact on all of us.

Tile Creator

The Construction designs: Iron and Concrete

With the Iron and Concrete designs, the Construction collection is a soft interpretation of two basic building materials in contemporary architecture. Taking hard, industrial and somewhat cold materials to a more refined level, Construction adds a new sense of personal wellbeing, comfort and improved acoustics to fundamentally rough expressions. With these substantial user add-ons, the materials are subject to an immense upgrade that makes up for some of the natural shortcomings, while staying true to the fascinating expressions of iron and concrete when aged over time.

Iron is a shiny greyish metal that reacts to oxygen and moisture in the air. Depending on the connected ions and molecules in the surrounding environment, this hard yet formable material can take on new and very different colours. The Iron design comes in five colour groups.

The multi-level loop structure creates texture that’s influenced by the original surfaces and the natural patina that evolves through years of wear and tear. Inspired by the natural hues of genuine materials, Iron and Concrete are structured around ten colour groups, five for each design. Reflecting a high level of detail in both pattern and colour combinations, the designs beautifully blend into modern spaces. Construction is available in carpet tiles, planks, wall-to-wall carpet and the innovative Figura shapes.

Composed of cement, sand, stone and water, the heavy concrete masses seemingly float to create quite different looks. Colour detail and surface roughness depend on the specific component mix while air bubbles add a random touch to this mouldable material. The Concrete design comes in five colour groups.

An extra detail with great visual impact, the collection offers several 96x96 cm Mix carpet tiles to create harmonious transitions between two predefined colours. 

How to work with Mix tiles

With the Construction collection, you can create stunning, fluid and jointless colour flows across your floor surface. Staging your carpet as the eye-catching design diva of the room, our colour combining Mix tiles make your floor stand out, regardless of whether you prefer the played down classic tones or go all in on powerful and bright statement colours.

Each 96x96 cm Mix tile is a two-colour combination that blends into a smooth, effortless colour variation. There are several design options with Mix tiles. For instance, you can place a colour mix in the middle of your room while transitioning from a light tone to a dark tone throughout the floorscape or vice versa.


Or you can create several colour transitions across the floor by blending from light to dark to light again or the other way around. With this design flexibility, you can use Mix tiles to define paths in big open rooms or create workspace or communal zoning.

Try our Tile Creator now

Create your very own true to life visualisations with our Tile Creator, that enables you to recolour and visualise your carpet tile favourites. This advanced tool allows you to define your preferred installation type (for instance monolithic or quarter turn) in combination with your chosen tile or plank size. Your next step is to choose different styles from our attractive selection of predesigned carpet tile patterns – and some of them can even be recoloured to match your requirements completely free of charge.


With your design parameters set, you can customise your entire floor design and experiment with creating paths, workspaces or communal zoning. Finally, you can visualise your design in several realistic and furnished room settings before downloading your free digital files, including in-room 3D visualisations and pattern repeats. These are ideal for your client pitch or further work in other programmes, for instance pCon.planner. Click to explore the Tile Creator – you’ll be amazed how easy it is!

Feel safe with our certifications

Cradle to Cradle Certified®, crafted from regenerated and regenerable yarn and fitted with our patented recycled Ecotrust backing, ReForm Construction perfectly suits your flooring project. Click to learn more about our sustainability strategy and initiatives.

Order your brochure and samples now

If you want to benefit from the advantages offered by ReForm Construction, we're here to help you all the way. Order your brochure and carpet samples right away to explore your options. If you have any questions, please do reach out to your local consultant – we can't wait to hear from you!

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