Office Carpet Designs: What are the Options?

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So, you’ve decided to use carpeting in your office. And why not? It’s a superior choice for work spaces, bringing great acoustic qualities, comfort and warmth. But the brilliant design selections also make carpeting your office an obvious choice. For many corporations and businesses, office carpet designs are a way of telling their brand stories, awing their clients and creating spaces their employees love to work in. 

Design versatility in office carpets

From a pure design point of view, carpet offers greater flexibility than any other flooring material and design versatility in office carpeting is possible no matter the choice of carpet. This will become increasingly important as we begin understanding the future of office design by understanding the future of work: the call for flexibility, steadiness and humanity in the work space.

Carpet tiles design in the office

Carpet tiles for offices, such as the tile and plank based flooring design option, can optimise office space and functionality. Using the different shapes, colours and patterns that are now available, carpet tiles can be configured to indicate the functions of different spaces within an office: quiet areas intended for focussed work, reception areas, break-out areas, in house cafes, bars or gyms.

Wall-to-wall carpet designs in the office

Wall-to-wall carpets for offices can go beyond looks to really tell a brand story. Flooring encompasses a massive percentage of an office space; a great office carpet design enables businesses to use this space to full advantage by creating a design that defines their brand.

Custom designed carpets in the office

With new high velocity dye-injection technology, custom carpets offer limitless opportunities for businesses to create their own unique designs. Custom carpets can grace any office space as modern masterpieces that will look good for many years to come.

Office carpet designs: What are the choices?

So what are the premium office carpeting design choices available? 

Well, there has been a move away from minimalism in offices and a shift towards vibrant colours and custom ordered patterns. Some innovative designers are even taking carpet off the floor and using it to create decorative and acoustic wall panels. Companies are also enthusiastically employing luxurious fibre textures and classic neutral tones in their offices.

The design options in terms of colour, pattern, shape, sound and feel are limitless. Let’s look at some prevailing trends in office carpet design ideas.

Highly decorative office environments

The trend of new opulence is all about highly decorative interior carpeting with exotic jewel-toned patterns, on top of more exquisite patterns. 

Such decoration is found, for example, in Brønnums Hus Office Club in the heart of Copenhagen.

Brønnums Hus - udvikling af tæppe_006 In this historic apartment building turned high-end office premises, every carpet design is a work of art, with plush dark carpets and custom designed features of abstract floral designs based on original, restored wallpaper. Each is a playful and flamboyant reference to the building’s history as an integral part of Danish creative, cultural and intellectual life for the past 150 years.

Office spaces that mimic nature

The trend of bringing the outdoors indoors to connect humans with nature (known as ‘biophilic design') is now featured in many office spaces around the world. Take for example, Google’s thriving new European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Its various office carpet designs mimic nature with their faux natural finishes such as stonework, wood, grass and sand. And carpet is not just confined to the floors. The steps of an informal meeting area are covered in fluffy, grass-like carpet and double as seating. And in one games room, an amazing snake-patterned carpet continues to slither up one wall.

Office spaces as bold, design statements

Fresh and exciting colours are brought into office carpet designs for the purpose of making major design statements. In many cases, the carpet design is making a subtle brand statement by alluding to the company or its products. This kind of statement is found, for example, in the office of Dutch paint manufacturer Akzo Nobel. Its carpet design of bold brush strokes takes the centre stage, making an electric design statement.

FR_Grande Banque Française_009

Geometric patterning in the office

Creative and funky designs have crept into office carpet designs, especially in the piecing together of a variety of carpet tile shapes to create custom patterns. The refurbished offices of marketing and communications agency, Viola Communications, in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, presents examples of this form of office carpet design. An informal meeting room features geometric patterned and odd shaped carpet tiles which extend onto the walls, creating a dynamic effect.


There is an abundance of office carpet design ideas for businesses to choose from. With such rich versatility available in office carpet designs, companies can opt to tell tales of luxury, promote their products or simply create the best working spaces they know their employees love.

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Written by Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen: Mette is Ege Carpets' fashion savvy communications expert. Her keen eye for the sweet spot between beautiful carpets and great stories makes her our favourite pick for inspiring you with Project of the Month.

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