Industrial Landscape: Designer Collection by Tom Dixon

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Collection: Industrial Landscape by Tom Dixon

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London – the source of inspiration

London is the departure point for the Industrial Landscape collection and for Tom Dixon a world of inspiration. Perhaps not the prettiest, nor the most glamorous, but certainly one of the most characterful cities in the world.

The collection interprets the gritty backdrops of railways, tunnels, factories, workshops and warehouses. Materials so prevalent that they make a huge impact. Surfaces - cracked paving stones and brick blocks make up the crumbling industrial landscape while the massive tidal River Thames splits the city in two, and new reflective glass towers begin to dominate the skyline.

Carpet is a powerful decor element

Industrial Landscape is Tom Dixon's first carpet collection comprising tiles and broadloom and on this, he elaborates: "I'm obviously very interested in the materiality, and the carpet in itself is an extraordinary thing when you see the tufting process and the selection of the yarn. But, I'm interested beyond the material and the kind of impact it has on the architectural perspectives. Colour is a very powerful thing as is pattern, particularly when you use it in large expanses as you do with a contract carpet."

We've created a deconstructed brick pattern, a pattern inspired by the railway lines of London and one that refers to the Thames and the grey muddy water of the river. We also have a pattern that has more to do with down market aesthetics in the form of crazy paving. So, the collection is a series of patterns and textures that come naturally from the building or erosion process.

- Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon

Infamously self-taught, Tom Dixon (OBE) is an internationally renowned British designer, creative director of eponymous brand Tom Dixon (est. 2002). His works are included in permanent collections of the world's most prestigious museums, including the V&A and the MoMA. Tom Dixon has built his universe through intensely diverse experiences, from music, contemporary lighting, furniture and accessories to high profile projects including the Restaurant at The Royal Academy in London, Jamie Oliver's restaurant, Barbecoa as well as Shoreditch House. Most recently Tom's Design Research Studio completed their first ever hotel project, redesigning the iconic Thames-side Mondrian Sea Containers in London.

Designer Tom Dixon at the launch of Industrial Landscape at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016
 Designer Tom Dixon

Industrial Landscape

The collection features seven designs available as carpet tiles and broadloom that transform into different expressions reinterpreting the rough, raw everyday surfaces of the London cityscape that's so familiar to Tom Dixon. Tiles and broadloom can be mixed or combined with other collections to get a truly unique flooring solution for one room or projects with several spaces.

The green choice

All carpet tiles have the patented Ecotrust felt backing. An innovative production technique turns used water bottles into a soft, yet strong and highly durable PET felt that also holds great acoustic performance. Combined with the Highline 1100 face quality that's made of regenerable yarn produced from used fishing nets, the product is 100% green. The collection has achieved a Cradle to Cradle certificate.


The industrial history, production and manufacture of a coal-powered city. Explore Smoke.



The constant evolution and regeneration of people, places and ideas. Explore Wash.


The marks of travel with crossing tracks, networks and connections.



The motion, sediment and flow of the tidal river Thames. Explore Tide.


The distorted city reflections in transient bits of water. Explore Blur.


The London brick is the symbol and defining material of the cityscape.


The beauty of deterioration and imperfections of everyday surfaces

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Written by Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen: Mette is Ege Carpets' fashion savvy communications expert. Her keen eye for the sweet spot between beautiful carpets and great stories makes her our favourite pick for inspiring you with Project of the Month.

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