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Carpet designs have never been more exciting for modern commercial spaces. Whether your commercial project relates to hospitality, education, office environments or marine, a modern commercial carpet design is able to both tell a brand's story and create a comfortable space where people want to go. A plethora of design elements - colours, patterns and textures - are available to fit all commercial carpet design ideas.

Let's walk through some design elements in the world of commercial carpet designs.

Colours in commercial carpet designs

Several colours are on trend right now in carpet design. These range from the bright, bold colour palettes to the cool, subdued blues and everything grey.

Explore carpet colours.

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Make it loud, make it proud

Gone are the days of flooring as a neutral backdrop to the rest of a space. Making beautiful, bold statements have moved into commercial carpet design. See, for example, the custom designed carpet of the lavish interiors of Brønnums Hus Office Club in Copenhagen.

Make it blue

For those who consider the big splash of colour too strong, the serene and soothing colour of blue has found a place in commercial carpet trends. It adds a dash of colour, while not confining a space to one design concept. Look at the effect of the smokey blue carpet used in the Chateau de Fillerval, an 18th century French castle. 

Make it cool grey

And then there's the grey. From light grey to dark grey, a grey carpet sets the tone of a cool, contemporary space. It's one of the new neutral colours that can be used with virtually any colour in a commercial project. See, for example, the University of Copenhagen's use of neutral grey to create a visually calm and cozy atmosphere.

The return of patterns in carpet designs

One of the biggest trends in commercial carpet design is modern patterned carpet. Let's step right into these.

Geometric design gets bigger and bigger

Geometric patterns feature big in commercial carpet trends, as years of minimalist interiors give way to triangles, circles, rectangles, cubes, cylinders and 3-dimensional grids. This is particularly so in carpet tiles, spurred on by the greater number of shapes now available, such as different sized squares, planks and hexagons.

For an example of contemporary, eye-catching geometric design in an entertainment space, take a look at the Victoria Racing Club, Melbourne, Australia.

Floral prints in commercial spaces

As with the geometric patterned carpets, floral carpet designs are back. Bold florals and paisleys based on traditional textile and wallpaper designs or classical artworks create highly decorative interiors with a feel of a new opulence.

More bold design trends to watch out for.

See, for example, the oversized rose motifs and fern designs employed in the Garden State Hotel in Melbourne, Australia, to great effect.

Carpet tile patterns and arrangements

Using carpet tiles and their layout to create shapes and designs is especially popular for commercial projects. Carpet tiles, available in both squares and planks, can be installed in numerous configurations to create different effects. A mixture of sizes, colours, patterns and collections, can indicate quiet or activity zones, meeting points and even promote social distancing.

Read how carpet tiles have been used to create “Vera's Lawn” at Chalmer’s University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Biophilic designs 

More and more commercial projects are embracing the trend of biophilic carpet designs, which bring natural elements to indoor environments to reduce stress and increase productivity.

Commercial carpet designs can now be seen mimicking forests, deserts, oceans, foliage, rocks and seasonal colours in delicate details, random patterns or rustic textures. For an example of using biophilic design to inspire innovation in a workspace, check out the Google Campus in Dublin.

Custom design carpets: Make a modern masterpiece

With custom design carpet, it's now possible to go beyond corporate colours and company logos in commercial settings. A custom carpet can allude to a brand's products or values in the carpet design. For a prime example, read about the custom designed carpet created for the University Museum of Bergen, Norway, to entice and surprise its visitors.

Textures in commercial carpet designs

Commercial carpet designs also make great use of different textures. Plush and luxurious carpets, for example, are an important element in creating lavish interiors for high end hotels and restaurants, opulent bars and even some workplaces. Textured carpet can create interesting patterns and designs. Ribbed carpets, too, are a commercial carpet trend that give a sleek, clean and modern look.


Commercial carpet designs are reflecting a rising trend in more decorative interiors, with an emphasis on jewel colours, luxurious textiles and multiple patterns. Whether it's a plush carpet for a prestigious art gallery, a simple and economic tile for a casual retail space or a quality custom design reflecting the story of a particular project, there are many commercial carpet design possibilities that are able to create sleek and inviting environments.

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Written by Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen: Mette is Ege Carpets' fashion savvy communications expert. Her keen eye for the sweet spot between beautiful carpets and great stories makes her our favourite pick for inspiring you with Project of the Month.

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