Canvas Collage by Nicolette Brunklaus. New patterns, colours and design possibilities

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Canvas Collage

Originally launched in 2014, Canvas Collage has developed into a bestselling collection that's styling floors and creating ambience in countless office and hospitality spaces around the world. In celebration of the 5-year anniversary, Canvas Collage has been completely refreshed and revitalised through the addition of new patterns and colour combinations.

The aesthetics of handmade tactility

Leading the collection into the era of future interiors, Dutch designer Nicolette Brunklaus once again demonstrates her unique sense of textures and colours, when collaging them into one of a kind contemporary carpet designs. Fascinated by the power of perfect combinations, Brunklaus uses colour as a positive and poetic way to influence space and lift people up.


The tactility of carpet makes it one of her favourite materials along with wood, ceramic and stone, but it's the contradiction in the combination of the materials that fascinates her the most.

Textiles deliver softness, movement, texture and of course silence. There's no noise or just a soft, pleasant sound when you touch a piece of fabric or walk on a carpet.

- Nicolette Brunklaus, designer

Reflections on industry just before the industrial revolution and a small piece of linen from the 19th century are Brunklaus' main inspirations for Canvas Collage. Reworking the handmade tactility and structure of transparent linings, she creates a textured base layer that repeats in many of the designs. Brunklaus uses the computer as a sketchpad while photographing colours and structures before mixing them into compositions. By layering patterns and colours, she creates completely new images.

5 design themes

While beautifully updating the Octo, Linen, Rewoven and Faded Dahlia designs, Canvas Collage is also enriched with Twine – a completely new design story inspired by the transparent linings of yarns and fringes where light and shadow add a characteristic depth. Twine features 3 patterns with varying degrees of colour contrasting, with a remarkable craft-like feeling in common.

Rewoven is a collaged design inspired by the tapestries of Corbusier in Chandigarh, India. Each mixture of coloured layers forms a new pattern.
Octo mixes a geometrical pattern with the rough expression of linen.
Twine is based on the transparent linings of yarns and fringes where light and shadow add a characteristic depth to the design.
Linen reflects the woven structures of worn fabrics from long ago.
Faded Dahlia illustrates the beauty of dried flowers that are photographed, abstracted and collaged in a rich realistic way and combined with the structure of linen.

To match current design trends, brown, green and purple are kicking in as contemporary mood enhancers, leaving plenty of room for the eternal interiors favourites; beige, blue, red and grey.

Nicolette Brunklaus

Nicolette Brunklaus is born in 1959 and holds an Art degree from Academy of Art in Groningen. She's the founder and art director of Brunklaus Amsterdam and has worked as a product designer since 1998. Brunklaus exhibits art and design all over the world.


The green choice in broadloom, tiles and planks

Canvas Collage comes as broadloom, tiles and planks in 5 harmonious design themes to be mixed within the collection or combined with other Ege Carpets designs. All tiles use the patented and Cradle to Cradle Certified® Ecotrust felt backing made from used water bottles. Combined with the Highline 1100, Loop or Carré face qualities that are made from regenerated and regenerable yarn, based on fishing nets and other industrial waste, Canvas Collage is the 100% green choice.

Order your own brochure or samples now

Order your very own Canvas Collage brochure or samples and see for yourself how impactful the collection is. The interior settings will provide you with thoughtful design inspiration, and of course, our local consultants are only an email or phone call away if you want to arrange a meeting or discuss the options in more detail.

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Written by Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen: Mette is Ege Carpets' fashion savvy communications expert. Her keen eye for the sweet spot between beautiful carpets and great stories makes her our favourite pick for inspiring you with Project of the Month.

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