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Design & visualise your perfect rug

Discover ultimate design freedom with our customisable rug concept featuring a diverse range of high-quality materials including 100% wool for luxurious and natural softness or regenerated nylon for contemporary style. Whether you prefer the plush comfort of shaggy rugs, the timeless elegance of woven designs or the modern texture of loop constructions, we have it all.

Rugs are unique islands creating soft atmospheres in the sea of concrete, hardwood and ceramics. You can find them in hotel lobbies as calm oases, where travellers find quiet. In local flagship stores, where rugs create beautiful brand experiences in luxurious ambiences. Or at work, where people escape the open office bustle and explore coworking creativity in cosy and home-like surroundings.


Ege Islands: Discover our world of rugs

  • Designer Islands: Unique rugs designed by world-renowned artists
  • Customised Islands: A blank canvas for your design dreams
  • Colour Islands: Rugs in all shades

1. Designer Island collections

Designer Island collections are created by iconic designers who turn rugs into unique experiences. Meet some of our designer friends and discover their stunning work and the results of our collaborations.

Monsieur Christian Lacroix

With clear reference to fashion, Monsieur Christian Lacroix’s textile designs are created from his personal archive of ethnic and foreign fabrics that’re transformed into patterns of velvet draping and linen as well as fantasy motifs from his hometown in Provence, France.


To me a rug is a way of communicating: It’s like words, it’s like music. It’s like make-up, too. It changes the surface. It makes the room larger, wider or smaller. It underlines what you want to express.

- Monsieur Christian Lacroix, fashion designer

Laura Bilde & Linnea Blæhr

Laura Bilde and Linnea Blæhr have created two Designer collections. The SHE collection pays tribute to the female designers and artisans of the past who’ve paved the way for future female artists. Inspired by vintage weaving techniques, expressionist shapes and graphic paintings, the SHE patterns are developed by hand as a recognition of imperfect interior design details.

The architectural SHE colour scheme mixes the shades most predominant during the 1930s’ functionalism – and equally relevant in contemporary interior design. SHE also features unicoloured patterns in which the contrasts are created by higher twisted yarn effects.


The ReForm A New Wave collection has earned multiple awards and unites the duo's interpretations of the coastal elements sand, grass and sea in uncompromising and unique three-dimensional rug constructions.

Tom Dixon

London is the departure point for the Industrial Landscape collection – and an eternal source of inspiration for creative director and designer Tom Dixon, who describes the British capital as perhaps not the prettiest, but certainly one of the most characterful cities in the world. His designs mirror London with all its raw, imperfect surfaces and rough materials in for instance iron inspired looks.


Carpet is really the base of the whole space. It acts as the first building block of a room. It’s not just a colour vehicle, it’s a sound deadening vehicle, a comfort vehicle as well. It softens a space immensely.

- Tom Dixon, creative director and designer

2. Customised Islands

Customised Islands offer a unique opportunity to design rugs that perfectly align with the design vision for your project. Our design team, Ege Design Studio, is always on hand to assist you in bringing your ideas and wishes to life. No matter the complexity of your project, we have a solution.

Custom rugs we love

Below image features a handpicked selection of custom rugs claiming the floors in just a few of our favourite art and hospitality projects (from left to right):

  • Marbling from Highline Express, Arts & Crafts. Design by Ege Design Studio
  • Sapphire House Autograph Collection® by Marriott in Antwerp, Belgium. Design by Glamora
  • And Yet It Moves/Pound Sterling by SUPERFLEX installed at Tate Modern in London, UK. Design by SUPERFLEX in collaboration with Rasmus Koch
  • VOGUE Like a Painting installed at Kunstforeningen GL STRAND in Copenhagen, Denmark. Design by Ege Design Studio
  • Hotel Danmark by Brøchner Hotels in Copenhagen, Denmark. Design by Ege Design Studio

Case: The Marmorosch Hotel by Marriott

The Marmorosch Hotel is located in the former Marmorosch-Blank Bank palace in Bucharest’s Old Town. It’s part of the luxury hotel brand Autograph Collection by Marriott that offers distinctive hotel experiences designed to leave a lasting impression.

The rich architecture of The Marmorosch Hotel reflects the Art Deco and Art Nouveau heritage and blends with the interior design concept to tell the story of an era with progressive ideas and historical importance. Led by Eliza Yokina, senior partner at Cumulus Architecture, the creative team strived after creating a glamorous environment to fit and reinforce the building’s thrilling reputation.


The starting point for the custom rug patterns was a marble theme inspired by the dramatic look of this precious material, an exquisite work of art created by nature, to be found in palaces and castles around the world. Considering the gradient complexity of marble patterns, the wish was to transfer the visual impact and similarity of a genuine marble slab into custom rug patterns.


Noise dampening beauty

The large public spaces such as the reception areas, lounges and meeting rooms needed significant noise dampening due to the hard surfaces and high ceilings. To help meet this challenge and for visual reasons as well, large rugs were specified.

Due to its specific and more personal use, the hallway and room architecture demanded a more delicate yet effective approach to raise comfort and improve acoustics, which also made plush rugs the natural choice. The rugs are useful and comfortable contributors to the atmosphere and some of them act as individual pieces of art.

Rugs are synonymous with comfort, warmth and homeyness. We specified these rugs for their ability to bring the design vision for each space into perfection.

- Eliza Yokina, senior partner at Cumulus Architecture

3. Colour Island collections

Colour Island collections cover rugs in all shades and a diverse variety of qualities and constructions such as cosy and soft shag rugs, exquisite rugs in 100% pure new wool, stylish and rustic loop rugs and woven rugs with extremely high durability.

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Margrethe Odgaard

The internationally recognised textile designer and colour alchemist Margrethe Odgaard’s ambition is to create poetry on the floor through colours that stimulate energies and create a nourishing, positive atmosphere. Inspired by the beauty of minerals and based on the interaction between colours, materials, light and space, Margrethe Odgaard has developed 56 evergreen colours for several woven Eco collections.

I’ve sought to create naturally balanced colours with multiple layers below the surface. The colours store secrets and have more to tell if you listen well.

- Margrethe Odgaard, textile designer and colour alchemist

The palette consists mainly of social colours that complement and lift each other, but also includes individual stand-out colours that hold their own and add vivid dynamism to a space. This enables the creation of infinite combinations, where the colours react very differently to each other – on the floor and in relation to the other materials used in modern architecture.


Rug Creator: Explore, design & visualise

Our Rug Creator offers a comprehensive overview of all your options. You can explore various collections, colours, shapes and edgings and visualise rugs in several settings and on different flooring materials.

With our any size any shape concept, you have the freedom to design rugs that perfectly suit your needs, complement your interior and make your space feel just right.

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Edging: Complete structure, yarn & colour

The edging is a distinct feature of your rug design no matter if it’s striking, neutral or not visible at all. We offer a variety of colours for tone-in-tone or contrasting combinations as well as multiple widths and materials when it comes to overlocks and borders. For the ultimate minimalistic expression, you can go with a cut edging for selected constructions.


More benefits

  • Sizes and shapes to fit any space: With our any size any shape concept you have the freedom to design rugs that perfectly suit your needs, complement your interior and define the atmosphere of your room.
  • Acoustic help: All our rugs are soft, textured and sound absorbent, creating great acoustics and a relaxing atmosphere in any room.
  • Sustainability ambitions: Sustainability and circular thinking is woven into everything we do, and our long-term ambition is to create the world’s most sustainable carpets. It’s an ongoing process where we continuously set up new goals and initiatives within five focus areas. Read more about our 2030 goals at 

Reach out - we're here to help!

When creating soft atmospheres with rugs, your options are endless. If you need professional advice or inspiration, we’re beyond happy to offer our support at any time.

How to continue your creative process


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Written by Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen: Mette is Ege Carpets' fashion savvy communications expert. Her keen eye for the sweet spot between beautiful carpets and great stories makes her our favourite pick for inspiring you with Project of the Month.

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