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Interior designers: MissoniHome

Collection: Highline, custom design

True to the tropical rainforest theme, the towers of Acqua Private Residences in Manila, the Philippines, are named after the world’s most majestic waterfalls such as Niagara, Sutherland, Dettifoss and Livingstone.

The 6-tower condominium development is located on a 2.4-hectare property. Inside and around the buildings, the exotic atmosphere comes to life through peaceful sights, cascading waterfalls, various greenery and lagoon pools. Acqua’s masterplan allocates twice the size of its developed area to open space, amenities and greenery, spread throughout the buildings, roof gardens and outdoor areas.

Interior design by MissoniHome

The 52-storey Livingstone tower immerses residents in the rich and colorful experience of MissoniHome-designed spaces, which aren't available elsewhere. The design philosophy is fully articulated at the Canopy, a split-level complex housing a function room, business center, gym and spa, amphitheater, DJ booth, dance floor, pool and barbeque facilities.

Carpets creating international haute couture living

To dive deeper into the role of carpets we talked to Silvia Martinenghi, Press & PR Responsible at MissoniHome. It immediately comes clear that the Ege Carpets were specified for their sound absorbing properties and the embedded design flexibility allowing any patterns to be dyed onto the flooring textile. Two product features of essential value to soften the noises from the hard window, wall and ceiling surfaces. And, obviously, the custom design option was required to bring the values of MissoniHome to life.

According to the brand philosophy the MissoniHome creative team played with joyful and fresh designs making an impact while playing around the Missoni concept in a stylish way. Many patterns and inspirations were taken into consideration, among others the iconic zigzag, the philosophy of black and white contrasts plus vibrant colours in more organic shapes.


500 m2 carpet in the popular Highline 910 quality was specified for the project. The hall is fitted with a colourful striped carpet inserted between black and white marble tiles to show a very innovative use of textile flooring. In the lifts, 360 degrees patterned carpets are installed on the floors and walls. Furthermore, carpets are specified for the Canopy.

We were looking for a flexible partner guaranteeing high quality standards for the textile itself and the colours with the exactness and durability of tones beeing our most fundamental needs.
- Silvia Martinenghi, MissoniHome

According to Silvia Martinenghi, the carpet designs created the base for the remaining interior colours that were picked to perfectly match the flooring.

About MissoniHome

The MissoniHome collection, designed by Rosita Missoni, is produced and distributed by T&J Vestor, a leading Italian company in home textiles and furnishings. The appeal of the Missoni message is transformed through the know-how of this historic manufacturing company with headquarters in Golasecca (Varese, Italy).

About Century Properties Group Inc.

The leader in this new category of signature homes in the Philippines, Century Properties Group Inc. launched in 2010 The Milano Residences interior designed by Versace Home and in 2011, though not by a designer but just as illustrious, Trump Tower.


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Written by Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen: Mette is Ege Carpets' fashion savvy communications expert. Her keen eye for the sweet spot between beautiful carpets and great stories makes her our favourite pick for inspiring you with Project of the Month.

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