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The Highline Express concept: Arts & Crafts, Classic, Cultures, Essentials, Graphic & Nature

With the Highline Express concept, you have thousands (yes, really!) of premade patterns at your disposal. All of them ready to be selected, produced, delivered and installed within a minimum of time and at the lowest price possible.

Created to make your inspiration seeking process easy and less time consuming, the concept brings you a delicate selection of broadloom designs quite straightforward to access and use. Each of them expressing the look of custom design without actually being so. Besides saving you time and maybe even sleepless nights by narrowing down your pattern options to the valuable core, a standard design specification reduces your money spend throughout the entire process as a natural consequence too.

Perfection through that extra little touch

If you want to walk the extra mile to create a tailored design combining the advantages of standard and custom patterns this is possible! And, you'll be surprised how easy it is to add that perfect detail to your carpet design that makes all the difference. You might prefer more texture, a worn vintage look or maybe an experimental style created by combining standard designs or single layers telling different stories.

When mixing existing patterns into a new pattern, you can create looks with more depth and a higher level of detail. In this way, you tailor your carpet expression to become even more interesting and well fitted for your interior project.


For example, a textured pattern makes up a solid ground for a delicate design composed by many details. You can also go for a textured top layer to add a timeworn feeling to your carpet. Alternatively, a graphic design as bottom or top layer turns out quite differently when mixed with other patterns. By combining the same designs in different ways, very diverse results are achieved. Only your design guts draw the line. In principle, all designs can be mixed.

Want to see?

Feel inspired from the three visualisations below that are only a few examples of the amazing effects created in mixed designs.

When combining the Patina pattern from the Arts & Crafts collection with Botanic from Nature, a completely new look appears, which upgrades both designs. Adding that textured vintage look to the delicate and detailed ferns creates an interesting randomness of a carpet having lived a few lives.


The second standard design combination is rather daring and experiments with layers in quite another way. Combining the Mudcrack design from Highline Express’ Nature collection with the top layer of an already mixed design, Botanic Garden from Nature, a completely new look adds to the refined flowers, herbs and leaves.

This combination of layers brings a surprising feel to the delicate botanic details. Mixed with a dry look of mud cracks and defined by a new colouration of brown and grey hues, the garden inspired pattern adds completely new and unexpected dimensions to the carpet.
Louise Søe Oxlund, Designer at Ege Carpets

The third example combines as many as three designs into a new pattern. Putting together Patina from the Arts & Crafts collection and Melange from Essentials, a very structured ground layer with a shabby expression occurs. By adding a graphic design, Forest from Nature, on top, a vivid visual style appears in both colour and pattern story.


Exploit the tile and broadloom mix potential

Why not take your flooring one step further? Originally developed for wall-to-wall carpets, the Highline Express patterns can, however, be transferred to carpet tiles too. Dwell on these examples to learn how mixed layers turn out very differently when combined in various ways – and when not combined at all.

You might face the restoration of interconnected rooms. Try exploiting the nudging effect of tiles as path and zone creators leading people from one room to another or through several rooms. The below images visualise how the 'drama' increases from room 1 to 3 in different ways. In two very harmonic flooring solutions composed by three designs a unique and very coherent floor scape with a strong visual story is created.


Floor scape with broadloom (room 1 and 3) and tiles (room 2)


Floor scape with broadloom in all three rooms

Stick to your Highline Express collection – or don’t

If you have a crush on a design from one of the six collections but want to add a hint of your own style, you can combine patterns from either one or all of the six collections that comprise our Highline Express range. Here's a reminder of each collection’s own visual characteristics.

Arts & Crafts: Inspired by creative pieces of art and craftsmanship

Classic: A celebration of graceful designs present for centuries

Cultures: Ethnic works inspired by symbols, rituals, traditions and folk tales

Essentials: Timeless and elegant designs with refined character

Graphic: Visually strong compositions with contemporary and distinct patterns

Nature: Fine shapes and spectacular colours

Introducing a completely revolutionised concept for premade patterns, the Highline Express collections make it easier and more inspiring to select predesigned patterns.

Let's stay in touch

Ready to combine some predefined patterns? Then don't hesitate to reach out for us to discuss your options or to see how your ideas look for real. We're here to help and look forward to getting in touch.

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Written by Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen: Mette is Ege Carpets' fashion savvy communications expert. Her keen eye for the sweet spot between beautiful carpets and great stories makes her our favourite pick for inspiring you with Project of the Month.

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