Brown: How to use the important trend colour

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The Highline Express concept: Arts & Crafts, Classic, Cultures, Essentials, Graphic & Nature

In an overall consumer trend perspective, we seek peace, trust and confidence to others and the future in general. We're concerned about confidence-inspiring involvement, coherence and positive visions. This optimistic zeitgeist shows in our colour preferences of dark and calm blues, light and greyish purples as well as bright and toned down greens. However, the main shades are the BROWNS!

As we want to inspire you as an architect, interior designer or trend lover in general, and we know that you work with a certain lead-time on your design projects, this article looks one year ahead to the 'mature' twenties. Thus, we present you to a fresh trend description focusing on the influence of brown in the year to come, which is also strongly dominated by the brownish shades. In our presentation, we'll show you how to use this colour trend in your interior decors by relating to specific carpet designs and interior settings.

Please meet the browns!

We see them in all nuances and tempers, with all kinds of expressions and energy levels. From the reddish and golden browns, over the warm and lighter browns to the clayey and trusted ones.


As one of the main inspirational sources, nature brings us so many brown structures, patterns, smells, tastes etc. Soil, marble, wood and a faded autumn leaf are just a few examples of the diversity in nature’s brown creations.

The natural brown patterns

In the Highline Express Nature collection, we've obviously translated the brown trend to elegant carpet patterns as shown by the Rain Forest and the Greenery designs below. When combined with light colours such as beige and grey, the warm brown shades are beautifully refined by a contradicting coolness. In this way, our contemporary and Nordic design touch make up an elegant colour balance of the trending hue.


Ethnic works of art

In the Highline Express Cultures collection, you find a selection of rhythmic, repetitive brownish patterns as shown below. Geometic Lace and Morocco are just two designs displaying vibrant, rich and expressive designs inspired from spiritual rituals, tribal traditions and folk tales from around the world. The bold Morocco pattern beautifully includes yet two trend colours, blue and purple, in a truly authentic Cultures design.


Powerful graphics

Do you want to bring a contemporary and sharply defined graphic pattern into your interior decoration? The Oxygen Bubble design from Highline Express Graphic demonstrates the power of a quite simple pattern combined with a very effective two-colour choice. Leaving this room without having commented on the carpet seems impossible to me!


Remember your essentials

In the Highline Express Essentials collection, brown appears as the refining colour making up the details: a discrete thread in the tartan-patterned textile, a dot in the pinpoint fabric or a delicate stitch line in the gentleman's suit. In a mix of sandy light brown, beige and grey, the douche colours are combined to create a playful maturity. The strong green along with orange and blue, youthfully contrast the more mature compositions in the Check Plaid design.


Metallic mix

The gold, silver, brass and copper metallics are back! Adding personality, luxury and spirit to any interior setting, they stand out even more beautiful when combined with a brown-coloured carpet design. In the below example, the Sky Reflections design from the Highline Express Graphic collection demonstrates how a balanced combination of beige, grey, brown, blue and black makes an elegant basis for differently coloured metallic interior pieces.


Do you want to use the brown trend?

Or, maybe just explore it further? Then feel inspired by our Highline Express concept that covers all your needs. Introducing a completely revolutionised concept for premade patterns, the Highline Express collections make it easier and more inspiring to select predesigned patterns. We've grouped our designs to make it easy for you to navigate. Thus, you can tune in on the overall category that describes your project best by selecting from the six collections below: 

Arts & Crafts: Inspired by creative pieces of art and craftsmanship

Classic: A celebration of graceful designs present for centuries

Cultures: Ethnic works inspired by symbols, rituals, traditions and folk tales

Essentials: Timeless and elegant designs with refined character

Graphic: Visually strong compositions with contemporary and distinct patterns

Nature: Fine shapes and spectacular colours

Let's stay in touch!

If you need inspiration from any of our other collections also featuring brown patterns or plain brown tufted, flat woven or shaggy constructions, don't hesitate to reach out for us to discuss your options. We're here to help and look forward to getting in touch!

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Written by Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen: Mette is Ege Carpets' fashion savvy communications expert. Her keen eye for the sweet spot between beautiful carpets and great stories makes her our favourite pick for inspiring you with Project of the Month.

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