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Featured collection: Industrial Landscape by Tom Dixon

Once again, we are delighted to open our London showroom for Clerkenwell Design Week, especially during the ten year anniversary of this must-see event. To help us celebrate our continuing collaboration with internationally renowned designer Tom Dixon, the man himself will be sharing his inspiration for the Industrial Landscape collection, live in conversation with Danish trend forecaster Rikke Skytte.

Industrial Landscape by Tom Dixon - come see the new designs

Featuring brand new designs created exclusively in collaboration with ege, the stunning Industrial Landscape collection by Tom Dixon reinterprets the rough, raw, everyday surfaces of the city of London. The new designs add to the stunning portfolio that draws inspiration from the gritty backdrops of railways, tunnels, factories, workshops, warehouses and the tidal river Thames. And the new and exclusive designs, Coal and Iron, interpret two important pillars of the Industrial Revolution.

The Coal design reflecting the dark and mysterious substance that powered the age:


The Iron design imitating the gradual disintegration of the oxidised metal surface that generates a random hued patination:


Trend forecaster Rikke Skytte talks about how to create wellbeing at work

As well as hosting our live Q&A with Tom Dixon, our great friend Rikke Skytte will be sharing her own insights into the megatrend that has fast become critical to the design of our everyday work spaces, with her brand new talk on wellbeing in the workplace environment.

The office of tomorrow

With this talk as almost the antithesis of the inspiration that Tom Dixon drew on for the Industrial Landscape collection, we move from the city of London during the Industrial Revolution, the height of the dark and grimy Victorian era, to what by contrast is the far flung future, where working environments are completely reimagined with the human element and personal wellbeing considered front and centre.

Gone are the cold, dark, ill-considered spaces of the past, along with the idea of being chained to a desk working by candlelight with your own lump of coal for heat - just think of Bob Cratchett in Dickens’ classic, festive tale of Scrooge. Instead we’re at a tipping point, ready to welcome a new age of enlightenment, where fluidity, light, colour, ergonomics and naturally-derived inspiration are at the forefront of architecture and design, making our work spaces a literal home from home where our wellbeing is paramount… and the only coal we have to consider is a beautiful carpet designed by Tom Dixon!


As for wellbeing, as a sector within the global economy, it is literally sweeping across the world as one of the fastest growth areas, estimated to be worth a colossal $3.8 trillion USD. In fact between 2015-2017, the wellness economy grew by a staggering 12%, growing at several times the rate of the entire global economy, which grew by a mere 3.6% by comparison.

So how important is wellbeing in reality? What real impact does it have on us as individuals when we occupy these working spaces? A case study from the Healthcare sector clearly demonstrates, via the data points illustrated below, that genuinely positive outcomes occur when we consider the multi-sensorial inputs that effect our overall personal wellness and recovery. For example, access to daylight demonstrably reduces a patient’s sense of pain – incredible, but empirically true. And it’s worth noting the overall positive effect isn’t just on the patients, but it’s also beneficial to the clinical support staff.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg – forget this one sector in isolation, imagine the positive societal effect when consideration is given to every single environmental situation we interact with during our busy daily lives… the opportunity is mind-blowing.

Book a showroom visit and register to attend CDW now

To learn more about this and other key aspects of environmental wellbeing, book now to visit our London showroom during Clerkenwell Design Week. Click this link to attend CDW for free - and see you soon at the ege showroom, 13-16 Britton Street, London EC1M 5SX.

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Written by Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen: Mette is Ege Carpets' fashion savvy communications expert. Her keen eye for the sweet spot between beautiful carpets and great stories makes her our favourite pick for inspiring you with Project of the Month.

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