New: 100% wool rugs in any size and shape

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Design & visualise your perfect wool rug

With our customisable rug concept, your desired wool rug materialises effortlessly. You can go with any imaginable size and shape, and once settled on a modern minimalistic or elegantly soft expression, you can complete your rug with the preferred type of edging. To ease and quicken your design and decision-making process, our online Rug Creator guides you through all your options and visualises your choices in realistic interior settings.

The finest quality directly from nature

Our wool rugs are crafted from the finest 100% pure new wool and therefore, each rug is an extraordinary experience developed to pamper all senses while making a lasting impression. The exquisite look and feel derive from our entirely natural yarn, which is spun in our own spinning mill from the finest selection of extra-long and extra-durable wool fibres originating mainly from UK or New Zealand.

One step closer to our 2030 goal

Extending our range of 100% wool rugs, we’ve moved one step closer to our 2030 goal of increasing our consumption of recycled or renewable raw materials to 75% of our total raw material consumption. Learn more about this and some of our other ESG efforts below or download our brand new ESG report.


A natural material with many looks

Besides benefitting from luxurious comfort, improved acoustics and higher insulation effects, you have the freedom to choose between constructions varying from minimalistic and rhythmic to luxuriously soft and elegant. In other words, our Rugs concept enables unique and very diverse 100% wool expressions.

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While the woven rugs offer extremely high durability, the tufted ones come with an incomparable cosiness. Likewise, you’ll experience large colour variety since some wool yarns are rich and extremely colour saturated to add depth and warmth to your premium floor design whereas others are undyed and therefore come in toned-down colours as natural as can be.

So, let’s take a further look at some of your 100% wool rug options.

The SHE collection

Laura Bilde and Linnea Blæhr, a Danish design duo known for blending functionality with sculptural expression, bring their interior design expertise and conceptual thinking to the fore in the SHE collection, which is a tribute to her. Their design philosophy centres around creating pieces that’re iconic, yet simple and timeless, experimenting with materials and forms in a way that combines practicality with visual appeal. Explore SHE rugs


The Tweed collection

The luxurious Tweed rug collection, which is also crafted from 100% pure new wool, offers unparalleled softness underfoot and durable, minimalist aesthetics for any modern space. Built to withstand daily use, these rugs are designed for everyday life, enhancing the comfort and indoor environment of heavy traffic spaces, such as offices, hotels or retail stores. Explore Tweed rugs


The Link collection

The Link collection brings a unique perspective to luxury and comfort. Its woven construction, combined with the natural variation of undyed wool, offers a distinctive texture that’s visually compelling and soft to the touch. The collection's rich, organic feel enhances the connection to the natural environment, providing a sense of subtle splendour. Explore Link rugs


The Grand collection

Our Grand rug collection encapsulates a flawless blend of style and comfort for modern interiors. It sets itself apart with a remarkably higher pile weight of 2,250 grams, further accentuating its luxurious feel. Crafted from 100% pure new wool, Grand guarantees exceptional quality. Explore Grand rugs


The Noble collection

The Noble collection offers a sensation of understated luxury and comfort. Its cut pile construction of 100% wool yarn creates a unique texture that's soft yet visually intriguing, lending a modern and sophisticated touch. The use of natural, undyed wool gives each rug a rich, organic feel, enhancing the sense of connection to the natural world. Explore Noble rugs


The Ambassador collection

Our Ambassador rug collection offers a perfect blend of style and comfort for the modern interior. Crafted from 100% pure new wool, the ample pile height of Ambassador rugs provides a luxurious underfoot feel, matched with a design that complements a range of muted colours, seamlessly fitting into any contemporary décor. Elevate any modern space with Ambassador's understated elegance, where sophisticated design meets everyday luxury. Explore Ambassador rugs


Your online design tool: Rug Creator

Our Rug Creator offers easy access to an overview of all your options. You can explore various collections and customise colours, sizes, shapes and edgings. In addition, you can visualise rugs in several settings and on different flooring materials. Ready to play?


Reach out - we're here to help!

When creating soft atmospheres with wool rugs, your options are endless. If you need professional advice or inspiration, we’re beyond happy to offer our support at any time.

How to continue your creative process


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Written by Mette Frydensbjerg Jacobsen: Mette is Ege Carpets' fashion savvy communications expert. Her keen eye for the sweet spot between beautiful carpets and great stories makes her our favourite pick for inspiring you with Project of the Month.

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