Why Wall to Wall Carpets are Great for Floor Fitters

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This is the seventh chapter of the E-Book: How to Run a Profitable Carpet Project
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If you are ordering wall to wall carpet for an installation you may view it as a financial risk. What if the site is not cleared on the given installation date? What if the subfloor isn’t ready? What if the carpet plan has changed at the last minute and no-one has informed you? What if the order is not correct and there is a lot of wastage to eat into your profit margin? What if the carpet rolls are too large for the access doorways or the goods lift?

So many worries, yet they are all avoidable with careful planning and communication. And one secret weapon – your carpet supplier.

Remember that wall to wall carpet’s big advantage is first and foremost the speed of installation. In fact, it’s probably the floor covering that is fastest of all to install. The large rolls are generally bigger than any other floor covering and can be easily laid in large areas by a single person using simple techniques and the right equipment and supplies.

Download How To Run A Profitable Carpet Project

Staying on top of your wall to wall installation

Start with an estimated schedule then consult that secret weapon – your carpet supplier – for advice on how to reduce wastage on this specific project. Every project has its own challenges and they know how to overcome these. Most importantly they help you make the layout plan and check that it’s correct once done. This is especially important when working with patterned wall to wall carpets.

Wall to wall carpet’s big advantage is first and foremost the speed of installation.

Once you have your supplier on board with assistance on the layout plan, your objective becomes staying in the loop, conferring with key people on site to check progress and adjusting your schedule as necessary.

Plan carefully, keep communication channels open and track progress on site thoroughly and, come the day of installation, all should be plain sailing and your profits will stay intact.

Delays and lack of communication are practically inevitable on any construction site unfortunately. It’s only in a perfect world that every step proceeds on schedule, though occasionally a miracle occurs and the planned timeline is realistic and achievable. Mostly, however, you’ll find the timeline is unrealistic, delays stretch and stretch and your scheduled installation day becomes an impossibility.

So go with the flow, keep up to date with the genuine rate of progress and consult your carpet supplier if you hit any difficulties. If it’s a complex installation, the supplier may even be able to send a consultant onto the site to assist with any difficulties on the installation day.

As a final step and icing on the top for the client, we'll cover a carpet maintenance plan in our next blogpost, to help ensure good after-sales service and fewer hassles down the line.

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