Carpet delivery: How quickly can my commercial carpet be delivered?

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The delivery time you can expect for your commercial carpet can vary from anywhere between 2 to 14 weeks, depending on the production methods required for your carpet.

Here at Ege, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver any imaginable design, in the industry’s shortest lead time. That being said, though, there’s certainly a difference in the carpet delivery time you can expect on a standard, ready-to-order carpet and a highly-specified, custom-order carpet.

Our Global Account Manager Kim Monrad answers our most frequently asked questions about carpets. In this video, Kim explains what influences the delivery time of a carpet.


The longer the manufacturing process, the longer carpet delivery will take

Generally speaking, the delivery time you can expect of your carpet goes up as the intricacy and time involved in the production process goes up:

Transport time will also impact carpet delivery time

The time required to transport your carpet from production site to installation site, too, will impact the delivery time on your carpet.

  • As one would expect, your physical location - in relation to the production site of your carpet - will impact the time it will take to deliver to you. The further you are from the production site of the carpet, the longer it will take. Other locational factors may also play a role.

How can I get the shortest delivery time on my commercial carpet?

If time is of the essence, the quickest delivery of your commercial carpet can be achieved from sticking to standard solutions or stock items. At Ege, we have a large selection of ready-to-order carpets, in varying qualities and with the design versatility to meet the needs of most projects. When standard is simply not an option, our designer collections offer a mid-level solution that can provide you speed as well as luxury and uniqueness.

We strongly believe, though, that whatever your preference, the best result comes from selecting the carpet that best suits the needs of your project. For example, the choice of pre-dyed versus printed carpets shouldn’t come down to delivery time alone. Pre-dyed carpets may take longer to deliver, but they can also save you money.

If the carpet that is right for your project requires a more lengthy production process, you shouldn’t necessarily exclude it as an option, you should simply build the longer delivery time into your overall project timeline. In the long run, this approach will ensure that you have a final carpet that you’re happy with for years to come.

To make sure there are no unexpected delays, stay in close communication with your carpet manufacturer, to understand how your carpet selections will impact the manufacturing process your final carpet will require and the final delivery time you can expect, as a result.

Start planning your next commercial project already now. See our assortment of commercial carpet tiles and get in touch with us. We are here to help you.

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