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The Ultimate Guide to Carpets


The must-read guide for all architects and designers working with carpets

Together with leading architects, designers and carpet experts, we set out to answer all your carpet questions, teach you everything you need to know about carpets, and inspire you with real world examples.

In the guide, you will learn:

  • How your next carpet could look with tons of beautiful and inspiring examples
  • Why a custom design carpet is your best story telling option
  • When to choose carpets vs. other flooring options
  • Everything you need to know about wall to wall carpets vs. carpet tiles
  • A deep dive into what carpet tiles can do for your design
  • How to choose the right carpet specifications for your project
  • What to look for when talking carpets and sustainability
  • How much you should expect a commercial carpet to cost – and how you can influence the price
  • All the necessary carpeting lingo, which is explained in the attached carpeting glossary

All this know-how is coupled with beautiful images and inspiring examples of well-designed creative carpet solutions to projects just like yours.

Simply download the guide by filling out the form on the right.

We wish you all the best in becoming a carpet design master.